The Second Osler Symposium - Doctoring in the 21st Century, October 20-23, 2012 in San Diego, CA


What the Faculty said about the May 2011 inaugural Osler Symposium:

Flourishing of the medical profession and of the medical professional are interlinked and directly impact the quality of patient centered care. The first Osler Symposium was the first that I have attended that spoke to the concerns and opportunities for both.
   — Stephen Sergay, MD (Past President, American Academy of Neurology)

The Osler Symposium made me re-examine my medical life. It substantially altered the way I practice and how I approach my professional responsibilities.
   — Thomas Scalea, MD, (Director of Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland)

There are healers who may be able to bring solace to our troubled lives.  These may range from shamans to highly trained specialists. There are doctors who can ably treat diabetes or pneumonia. The Osler Symposium looked at us as physicians who can cure and help us find joy in serving our fellow humans by stepping out of our own lives and into the lives of others, using medicine.
   — Warren Heffron, MD (Family Physician, Professor Emeritus University of New Mexico School of Medicine
       and Past President, American Board of Family Medicine)

The faculty were not only good motivational speakers, but were remarkably well-versed in the medical literature. At age 62, I think this was the first real CME program I have attended. Great access to the faculty; great ‘personal touch,’ almost like being tutored in a small group format. This program is a retreat in the best sense of the word.
   —William Norcross, MD (Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, University of California, San Diego School of
      Medicine; Executive Director, UCSD Physician Assessment and Clinical Education (PACE) Program

What your Colleagues said:

I knew that if I was to continue being in my profession with all the changes we are now facing as physicians, I had to make a change. This conference grounded me again, giving me the tools to be happy and direct my life no matter what healthcare change throws my way.
   — Dianna Tolen, MD, Pediatrician, Canfield, OH

Inspiring, Stimulating, Creative, Replenishing; I could go on and on. What a privilege to spend a week in this way with wonderful colleagues, and now new friends.
   — F. Stonedale, MD, EM/HPM, Austin, TX

This has been the most inspirational conference I have ever attended, so much so that I want to return to my practice and share what I’ve learned with all my patients and co-workers.
   — DeAun Gehring, MD, Family Practice, Denver, CO

In this time of transition in my medical career, the Osler Symposium has helped to reinforce my core values, reinvest in my mission, and reinvigorate the strength and courage for change.
   — Jeffrey D. Miller, MD, Family Practice, Albuquerque, NM

This was the best CME course I have ever attended. Any physician who struggles with “Why am I a family medicine doctor?” should attend.
   — Thomas Vinton, MD, Family Medicine, Omaha, NE

I highly recommend this conference for physicians who are experiencing any sense of dissatisfaction or difficulty in a period of change or “stuckness” in their medical careers. It was also very valuable for my spouse.
   — Andrew Boyd, MD, Emergency Medicine/Psychiatry, Seattle, WA

The Osler Symposium provides an essential step in the creation of a medical practice for the future.
   — Daniel J. Brandt, MD, Psychiatrist, Las Cruces, NM

The conference was sublime & transforming. I have never cried so much at a conference, had my needs so fulfilled on so many levels while supported with so much science and data. There is hope that science and soul can be joined and practiced in medicine.
   — Melissa Livingston, PA-C, Austin, TX

I learned valuable techniques to evaluate the stressors in my life and ways to handle the stress to make my life and work more enjoyable.
   — Resham Batra, MD, Pediatrics, Canton, MI

This conference has been a godsend. Not only did I cry tears of laughter and of compassion on several occasions throughout the week, I have learned innumerable skills which will positively impact my life and my patients for the remainder of my career.
   — Stephen Weiss, MD, Integrative Medicine, Albuquerque, NM

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